Nova Contracting

Contracting Services From A Company You Can Rely On

We are a long established provider of contracting services within the contingent supply sector. Since 2001 we have made over 1,000,000 payments to temporary workers in the logistics, education, catering and healthcare industries.

Our Services

Personal Service Company

Provide your services as the director and sole shareholder of your own limited company.

Full accountancy and administrative support is provided by Ibex Accounting, leaving you to focus on what you do best.
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Choice Umbrella

Become an employee of our Umbrella company and benefit from being able to claim work-related expenses such as mileage to and from your temporary workplace, as well as meal allowances.
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Nova CIS

Nova CIS provides a simple payroll system for genuine self-employed subcontractors who work in the construction sector.
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Nova Shield

If you’re a limited company contractor providing services in the Public Sector, then it is possible for us to pay your invoices gross into your business bank account without operating PAYE.
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Key Benefits

Engaging a contracting company such as Nova can save you time, reduce your costs and help attract new workers.

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